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hate the players.

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"Funny as f*ck, everyone got rinsed"

Jack P, Birmingham

"The cards exposed the whole group and we call got so drunk"

Sophie, Exeter

"I found out that my best mates are shagging"

Tom, Leeds

"Quality drinking game fairplay"

Alex, Stockport

"Got very drunk and forfeits were jokes"

Katy, Gloucester

"Great game, will be playing again at uni!!"

Anna, Cardiff

"Best drinking game in a long time, gets you drunk and funny"

Connor, Bournemouth

"Perfect for uni and ice breaker to meet everyone"

Lucy, London

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Get your chug on.

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The Chug ballsy snorkel

The Chug


Ballsy. Drinking games and accessories to power the social.
ballsy. The Guzzler. Drinking Funnel for parties and festivals.
ballsy. The Chug beer snorkel for parties and festivals.
Ballsy Drinking Game
ballsy the drinking game

Ballsy Bundle.

More carnage. Less wonga.


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Ballsy Bundle.

More carnage. Less wonga.


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ballsy. bundle

More carnage. Less wonga.


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ballsy. bundle. Drinking Game, Beer Snorkel and Beer Funnel.

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